Redefining Mobile Trade-In’s:


At Get-RE, we’re revolutionizing the mobile device trade-in market. Our innovative REbox kiosks leverage AI technology to streamline the process, making it more accessible and efficient. We focus on maximizing the value of pre-owned devices, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly consumer choice. Our dual business model caters to both global traders and retailers, backed by a team with deep expertise in telecom and international sales. Committed to growth and excellence, we’re paving the way for a smarter, more sustainable future in mobile technology

AI-Powered Process

AI-Powered Process


Versatile Business Model

Innovating for Ease and Efficiency

At Get-RE, innovation is at our core.
Our REbox kiosks, designed with user convenience in mind, are a testament to our commitment to simplicity and efficiency. Drawing from our longstanding expertise in telecom technology, we’ve engineered REbox to be effortlessly installable and maintainable. Our technology seamlessly integrates with external systems, enabling swift deployments and transactions. This dedication to technological excellence and ease of use not only sets us apart but also drives our mission to redefine the mobile trade-in landscape

Our Commitment to the Environment

At Get-RE, respect for our planet is integral to our mission. We embrace a sustainable approach through refurbishing, reusing, and relabeling mobile devices. This commitment reflects in every aspect of our operations, embodying our dedication to reducing electronic waste and promoting environmental responsibility. By choosing to refurbish and reuse, we not only extend the life of devices but also contribute to a healthier planet, staying true to our core values of sustainability and respect

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