We’re RE,

a family of automats

on a mission to save

our beautiful planet.

We all love our smartphones, but the truth is that they pose a huge threat to the environment.

Manufacturing causes harmful CO2 emissions, and phones that are not recycled are contributing to a growing mountain of e-waste. Even worse, smartphones become radioactive as they decompose (!!)

There are about 5 billion unused smartphones worldwide today. In 2021 alone, we produced more than 3 billion new smartphones in 2021.


Get the picture?

It’s time to REthink things and start putting the planet first.

Being REspected isn’t about having the latest smartphone. It’s about your choices. RE is about making a better choice for a better planet.

Get-RE is the start-up behind RE. With RE, we’ve expanded across Europe with our patented, cloud-based kiosks to create a circular economy for smartphones.

Our smartphones are the same brands you love REfurbished and ready to use, at 40% less than the retail price. You can REcycle or sell your old smartphone with RE, or pay the difference for an upgrade.

Why buy new when you can buy RE?

Our Mission

RE was born from a mission to give back to the planet by REthinking the way we buy, sell and trade-up our smartphones.

We’ve REdefined a circular economy for smartphones. With the RE kiosk, you can get cash for your old smartphone or trade it up to a refurbished one by paying the difference. Our full-cycle solution only takes a few minutes, with no hassle and no risk.

RE’s goal is to create a new chapter in the green movement. By promoting a cost-effective and more sustainable lifestyle, we’re putting an end to careless consumption and protecting the planet for future generations.

We’re not doing it alone. Together with our strategic partners, we’re spreading the REvolution with help of some of the world’s most innovative businesses:


By offering furbished smartphones,

we're doing our part to duce

e-waste and CO2 emissions.

We invite you to join the volution.