RE for business

Going beyond trade in


Adding a smart kiosk to grab more business

The REbox is an advanced commercial station with capabilities that transcend the ordinary. Elevate your business strategy by seamlessly planning and showcasing advertising videos (VDOs), offering your clients exclusive access to personalized promotions.
Deliver tailored offers directly to their devices via SMS or Email. Unleash the power of personalized marketing with the REbox and transform your customer engagement like never before

Watch the Re-Box kiosk in action!

Introducing REbox – the ultimate game-changer in personalized promotions!
Elevate your client’s shopping experience with exclusive coupons delivered directly to their phone.Increase the chances of spontaneous purchases through AI-driven discoveries.
The REbox is not just a POS kiosk; it’s a sustainability champion. Encourage your clients to recycle old mobile devices, saving

Our Strategic Partnerships

Collaborating with industry-leading organizations, our strategic partnerships are built on a foundation of excellence and mutual commitment. These alliances empower us to deliver top-notch solutions and amplify our collective impact, driving innovation and success in every endeavor.



Providing device lifecycle software
that adds value to life and business



Enable circular tech


Everyone offers trade-in

REbox does it right!

All major manufacturers, operators and traders are after mobile devices, the REbox makes it happen!

Prime Locations

Prime Locations

Positioned in convenience inside your outlets or in strategic locations in shopping malls.

Advertise with REbox

Advertise with REbox

Advertise anywhere and invite the client to your branded REbox kiosk

Promotions & Vouchers

Highlight your promotions and get personalized discount vouchers at the the right time and place