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The game-changer in smartphones trade-in solution

Smart. Simple. Secure.


Effortless trade-in done
by customers in store

Experience the simplicity and convenience of in-store trade-ins with our user-friendly solution. Designed for ease and efficiency, our service allows customers to quickly trade in their devices right at your retail location. Say goodbye to complicated processes and hello to a streamlined, customer-centric approach that enhances your store’s appeal and customer satisfaction


How it works?

Customer Journey


1Phone's Check-Up

Simply scan with REbox to download our App and guide your phone through some functional tests

2Cosmetic evaluation

Next, just place your phone in the REbox for a gentle cosmetic evaluation by AI


3Get an offer

Our system is now at work, calculating an offer for your phone


4It’s refund time!

Receive your refund directly on your phone, swiftly and conveniently


The technology

Cutting edge trade-in kiosk

Accurate Phone evaluation

  • Accurately assess condition and value
    Advanced scanning and AI algorithms
  • Transparency and consistency
Instant feedback to customers
  • MCE SystemObjective evaluation based on industry standards ensuring fair assessments and consistency

Safe storage

  • Safekeeping
  • Controlled access to protect devices

Sale validation

  • Validate phone is not stolen
  • Validate phone is not under financer

Real-time monitoring

  • Comprehensive tracking and monitoring of trade-in transactions in real-time
  • Detailed analytics and reporting capabilities for performance insights
  • Automated alerts for inventory management


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