Get money for your old phone

Or trade up for better.

Join the REvolution. Get RE.

Saving the planet Smartphone by Smartphone.


Here’s how it works


Simply pop your old phone into the RE automat and answer a few questions for an on-the-spot evaluation. Sell, upgrade, or get a gift card for a newer phone. The choice is yours!


Get money

Have your phone’s value transferred directly to your bank or paypal account

Get a gift card

Get a gift card

Receive a credit redeemable at major retailers and service providers

Get a newer phone

Get a newer phone

Simply pay the difference and get a refurbished phone on the spot


How does this help
the environment?

We’re glad you asked

Smartphones are daily essentials, and it’s tempting to buy the latest model. We get it. But the truth is, smartphones pose a danger to our precious planet.


Our old smartphones are creating a mountain of e-waste heavier than the Great Wall of China.

Around 80% of each smartphone’s carbon footprint is created at the manufacturing stage.

Each smartphone is made out of 62 different metals, and mining them causes irreversible environmental damage.


Having the newest,
priciest smartphone

Just isn’t worth it

It’s time to REthink our choices. Buying REfurbished smartphones instead of brand new ones helps to REduce the damage caused by manufacturing. That’s why all RE smartphones are REfurbished.

The same brands you love. Better price.
Better planet. It’s as simple as that.

Why RE?

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