Every smartphone REcycled or REfurbished at one of our automats helps the environment

the environment

by saving energy, conserving natural resources, and keeping reusable materials out of landfills.



So, what is a
refurbished phone?


Refurbished smartphones are previously-owned phones that are repaired, checked, and include a warranty to make sure they meet the same standards as a new one.

Instead of being sold second-hand by an individual, they are sold by a retailer, service provider, or manufacturer. A refurbished phone is a safe, affordable, and environmentally-friendly alternative to buying a new model.

Most people get a new smartphone every 18 to 24 months. We think we need the newest model to be REspected, but we don’t think about the impact it has on the planet. More than 80% of a smartphone’s carbon footprint is created at the manufacturing stage. That means the best way to REduce harmful CO2 emissions is to keep our phones longer and get more use out of them.

By offering REfurbished phones, we’re giving smartphones a longer lifespan and REducing the harmful effects of manufacturing. Better price. Better planet.



What about recycling?

Somewhere between 100 and 200 million phones are discarded every year,
and only 10% of those are recycled.

So what does this mean for our planet?

Unwanted smartphones are causing a mountain of e-waste heavier than the Great Wall of China. It’s estimated that we’ll produce 74 million tonnes of e-waste per year by 2030.

We can recover 75 pounds of gold, 772 pounds of silver, 33 pounds of palladium, and 35,274 pounds of copper for every one million smartphones that are recycled. When we dispose of our phones instead, these valuable materials become e-waste.

By REcycling unwanted smartphones, we conserve these valuable resources. That means less harmful mining and a happier planet.

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So what’s more

Saving the world or following the latest trends?

We’re creating a new, sustainable lifestyle that puts the planet first by proving that you don’t need a new phone to be worthy of REspect.